Key facts about EV chargers

Charging infrastructure is the backbone of e-mobility, and the world is going to need a lot more of it in the near future.

  • Battery-powered vehicles are gaining traction with more than ten million e-cars on the world’s roads in 2020. More than ever before – some 3.18 million electric vehicles – were registered worldwide in that year.
  • The authors of the European Green Deal policy initiative expect some 13 million zero- and low-emission vehicles to be on European roads by 2025. They will require around a million public recharging and refueling stations.
  • Drivers want more power in less time, so fast charging stations are very much in demand.
  • Of the 1.3 million public chargers available worldwide in 2020, 30 percent are fast chargers with more than 22 kW power. The IEA predicts that the number of fast chargers will grow to between 1.5 and 2.2 million by 2025, depending which scenario comes to pass.

The future is electric. Vincotech figures prominently in that future with our power modules for fast, efficient charging.


Solving the Challenges of EV Charger Designs with SiC Power Modules

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EV Charging

Trends and system architectures for fast DC charging

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AC/DC Product Portfolio

Efficient 2- and 3-level PFC topologies

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DC/DC Product Portfolio

Fast H-bridge and bridge rectifier

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Vincotech is the go-to partner for DC charger power module solutions

  • How modules benefit you
    OEMs already rely on power modules for their chargers.
    That makes sense: OEMs benefit by opting to use modules for their power circuits rather going with their home-grown circuits populated with discrete ICs and other components.
  • How Vincotech benefits you
    Vincotech has 25+ years’ experience in power modules.
    Our products support various state-of-the-art topologies used in each of the two power stages in a DC fast charger. Power ratings range from 10 kW up to >150 kW

Now available on demand:
Vincotech @ CHARGED Virtual Conference

Join us in our presentation “Maximizing Your DC Fast Charger Performance: Innovative Three-Phase PFC Topologies” held by Evangelos Theodossiu, Senior Product Marketing Manager.

Three-phase PFC topologies will be analyzed and benchmarked in terms of efficiency, costs and design complexity with a focus on designing EV DC fast chargers.

Further, the most common three-phase PFC topologies on the market will be presented, considering either two-level or three-level switching principles, but also the usage of Si-based and SiC-based chip devices.

Original Live Date: April 06, 2022
Duration: 30min


The next generation online simulator for Power Modules from Vincotech

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In 2018, Vincotech joined the global Charging Interface Initiative e.V. (CharIN).

CharIN’s goal is to develop, establish and promote a world standard for a charging system for all kinds of battery-powered electric vehicles.


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