Vincotech has 25+ years of experience in power modules, providing: Simple and cost-effective Solutions for industry applications; Wide portfolio covering industrial standard topologies (Sixpack, PIM); Multi-source chipset possibilities for reliable supply chain;


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Power Modules for Industrial Motor Drive Solutions – Today’s Realities and Tomorrow’s Prospects

Discover the benefits of tandem diodes in sixpack and PIM topologies. The smart pairing of diodes with lower dynamic loss coefficients provides a cost effective alternative to WBG devices. Connected tandem diodes have proven their merits in sixpack topologies and in inverter stages of PIM systems, outperforming standard topologies with high overall efficiency at affordable prices.


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Widest Range of Solutions for Industrial Applications

The very well-known power converter topologies for industrial drives applications are:

  • Sixpack
  • Rectifier + inverter + brake = the power integrated module (PIM)
  • TWIN topology


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VINcoPress Technology

Cutting-edge technology furnished inside dedicated power module solutions that brings superior thermal performance.


Find out more about VINcoPress concepts:

Tandem Diodes Concepts for Power Modules

A tandem diode configuration is a smart way of striking the right balance between cost and performance. This simple assembly connects two 650-V devices with low dynamic loss coefficients aims to provide a cost-effect alternative to WBG devices. Connected tandem diodes are the right solution for sixpack topologies and in inverter stages of PIM systems, outperforming standard topologies and bringing high efficiency with affordable prices.



More details about Tandem Diodes Concepts

VINcoSIM – Speed up your design with our online simulation tool

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Why use VINcoSIM?

  • It is accurate
    We use real measurement data, all topologies are available, heatsink option is included.
  • It is fast and complete
    The procedure takes only seconds and the results reveal a lot of data in one glance.
  • It is easy to use
    Only 1 configuration step is needed, flexible options for your needs, no downloading necessary, no cost.