The global heat pump market is growing, as the focus is on renewable forms of energy.

  • Growing industry to support sustainable heating and cooling technologies
  • Heat pumps account for 80% of the renewable energy sources in Europe
  • When compared to the combustion-based heating systems, heat pumps are more safe, have less maintenance and lower operational costs

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Trends in the heat pump market and how Vincotech has developed its solutions.

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Vincotech solutions for Heat Pumps.

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The European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) represents the majority of the European heat pump industry.

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Vincotech is your one-stop power solution provider.

Vincotech offers energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions based on unique and innovative topology for power modules. We support and ease the complex electrical and thermal design of drives for Heat Pumps and HVAC systems. Vincotech is the expert provider for complex PCB designs in Motion Control.

  • Reducing the space occupancy and the cost at the system level
  • Offering highly integrated 1-module solution
  • Evaluation boards available

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Vincotech modules for Embedded Drives applications.

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“Cool Solutions for Hot Applications” is our expert article about Heat pumps.

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Vincotech solutions with innovative technologies aimed to increase the level of integration.

600 V flowPIM 1 + PFC family features:

  • PIM with integrated PFC
  • thin ceramic for improved thermal performance
  • shunt system
  • on-board capacitors
  • interleaved PFC topology

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Vincotech’s evaluation boards and reference designs available

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New 600 V flowPIM 1 + PFC family for power ranges up to 8 kW

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Vincotech power modules for Heat pumps