Large residential communities, remote localities, commercial installations widely feature three-phase inverters from 10-100 kW. Where self-reliant clean energy generation is the goal, also grid feed in case of surplus. Commercial applications require compact, efficient, reliable and pocket friendly system.

Grid equality putting heavy cost pressure on manufacturers and driving to deliver highly compact and efficient 1000V system as well as eying on 1500V system to increase the power density. Challenge for designers / engineers to achieve the maximum efficiency and high reliability and over all a compact system.

Here highly integrated power modules with attractive features including appropriate components and topology in efficient module package are the key differentiator. The 1 – module integrated solution allows an overall cost reduction ≈20% compared to 2 and more modules combinations

Vincotech offers solutions for applications up to ca 100+kW, and specific topologies, low inductive design and high thermal performance housing flow3xMNPC 1, flowMNPC 0, flowMNPC 1, flowFC, flowNPC and flowNPC split to support the complex, high power density solar systems with integrated resistors/capacitors/temperature sensors.

Vincotech’s innovation and integration in power modules for Solar Inverters supporting designers / engineers to optimize the system cost, performance, manufacturability and reliability.

Figure 1. Three-phase inverter efficiency-frequency (%) comparison

Figure 2. Cost

Vincotech Three-Phase Solar Products

The following shows a summary of the three-phase solar products land scape and available parts from Vincotech, classified by module housing and suggested system power range. More details can be found in the specific module product pages.