Think Integrated:

  • Motion Control market shows a growing demand for higher integration and more complex subsystems.
  • Embedded drive solutions for motion control simplify integration, enhance performance and speed up time-to-market.
  • In embedded drives the overall system’s size, cost, and time-to-market can be slashed by considerably increasing the level of integration.


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Webinar: Embedded Designs Drive Tomorrow's Solutions

Originally presented: March 15, 2023

Duration: 41 min

Presenter: Michele Portico, PhD, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Key Takeaways

  • Learn what the key constraints are for embedded systems in motion control
  • Discover how to fulfil the demand for higher efficiency and reduced space occupancy with highly integrated power modules
  • Explore Vincotech's wide offering of power module topologies for embedded drives

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Highly Integrated and Ultra Compact Power Modules for Embedded Drive Applications

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Unmatched integration and performance

Embedded drive systems integrate drives and electric motor to reduce the space occupancy thanks to their compact and hermetical design. In embedded drives the overall system’s size, cost, and time-to-market can be slashed by considerably increasing the level of integration.

Vincotech offers energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions based on unique and innovative topology for power modules. We support and ease the complex electrical and thermal design of drives for Embedded Drives, including Heat Pumps and HVAC systems.

Vincotech is the expert provider for complex PCB designs in Motion Control.

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Single-phase product portfolio
Three-phase product portfolio

VINcoPress technology


Key Info

  • The top part of the housing, the inner frame and the substrate are forming a pressure chamber;
  • During screw down, the top part of the housing transfers the screw force to the silicone gel, which is incompressible;
  • The silicone gel is pressing the substrate and all mounted components on its entire area to the heatsink
  • The resulting even pressure distribution avoids stress gradients in the substrate and eliminates the cracking
  • No direct mechanical contact between top part of the housing and the DCB
    • no step height & no convexity
    • stress free ceramic substrate mounting

Key Benefits

  • Homogeneous pressure and Rth value distribution
  • Rugged and reliable heat sink assembly
  • Higher power capability
  • Increased power density


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flowPIM® S3 + 3xPFC

Vincotech Thick-Film Technology

Vincotech’s IPM are designed by making use of the Thick-film technology.

Thick-film technology enables higher levels of integration, allowing the integration of gate drives, PFC controllers and passive components.

Different layers of conduction and isolating materials are printed on a ceramic sheet. The layers can build tracks, pads, and resistors which can be laser-trimmed to achieve high levels of precision.

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  • It is accurate
    We use real measurement data, all topologies are available, heatsink option is included.
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  • It is easy to use
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